UpMedia is an innovative video storytelling agency that helps solve the rapidly increasing need for online video content. Why do our videos work so well? Because we tell stories EFFECTIVELY. We put your client at the centre of your story, and position THEM as the hero. We position YOU as the guide, who helps them succeed. Whether you have a small business, or a large corporation - YOU have a powerful story. Let’s tell it in a way that builds engagement!

Here is our 3 step process:

  1. Craft your impact story
  2. Produce your video
  3. Gain massive attention and raving fans!

We guarantee more LEVERAGE & IMPACT online. Every time.

Contact: www.upmedia.video I 604.649.2522

Mountain Top Consulting

Take your social media to new heights! Whether you're just starting out on social media or you're looking for a fresh, new strategy, I can help. Get in touch to start learning how to make social media work for you!

Website: Mountain Top Consulting

Contact: Jennifer Kolbuc | [email protected]

Bosco Anthony

Bosco Anthony is a digital strategist and storyteller. His background in the corporate sector provides wisdom on thought leadership, business growth,digital strategy and critical thinking ideology.Bosco spends much time on research, trends and is an idea rebel at heart. Bosco is recognized for his mentorship, entrepreneurial spirit and passion forstrategy. Bosco thrives in a collaborative playground and is known for being an influence to the business and digital community.

Website: www.boscoanthony.com

Contact: [email protected] | +61 0416 028 383


Elevate Marketing Summit is the only two-day virtual conference designed specifically for small businesses. This summit brings together top experts to share the latest tools and marketing know-how and help elevate businesses across the industry.

Our first-ever event hosted over 150 international attendees, including tour operators/business owners, destination marketers, marketing agencies, educators and government representatives. These industry professionals came together to create new connections, generate fresh ideas and find exciting ways to successfully market their business, from the comfort of their home or office.

Why a Virtual Summit Is Better

  • Unlimited room for attendees offers the potential for massive brand exposure to a global audience
  • No need to spend money on a booth rental or having employees on site
  • Save money on handout printing and giveaway doodads (while helping the environment!)
  • No additional investment for flights, accommodation or meal costs
  • Attendees can watch and re-watch the presentations for a full year after the summit, giving sponsors and presenters ongoing brand exposure

A Unique Sponsorship Opportunity

Elevate Marketing Summit offers partnership benefits unlike any other conference. This annual virtual event attracts a far more diverse representation of small business professionals than a traditional conference can, along with the ability to host an unlimited number of attendees, globally.

As an online conference, Elevate is the solution to high travel costs, busy schedules and the desire to maintain a low environmental footprint. Becoming a sponsor today is your opportunity to connect your brand with these benefits, while extending your reach to a broad and growing community of small business professionals.

How to Become a Sponsor

Opportunities are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, get in touch.

Marie Hunter | Conference Creator and Host

e: [email protected]