1. Challenge Accepted! The #1 Strategy to Convert Instagram Followers with Jadah Sellner, Founder

Don’t just do it for the ‘Gram—do it to generate leads! Challenges are the leading strategy for growing your email list and turning passive Instagram followers into active customers. In this session, you’ll learn how to quickly execute your own challenges, how to identify the best challenge topics for your business, and what you need to include in your challenge to get those email addresses. They’re easy, they’re fun, and they’re the best way to show up consistently and build a deeper relationship with your Instagram fans.

Jadah Sellner is the host of the Lead with Love™ podcast, international keynote and TEDx speaker redefining the way we work, lead and love.

As the co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies (featured in Oprah's O Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and CBS’s The Doctors TV Show.), serial entrepreneur and online community growth strategist, Jadah built a community of 355,000 email subscribers and 415,000 Instagram followers.

With a simple and inspiring model, Jadah dedicates her time consulting companies and personal brands to build communities with love, service, and impact. Learn more at JadahSellner.com, follow on social media @jadahsellner

2. 5 Steps to Mastering IGTV with Erica Johnson, CEO, Creative Director, E-Partners Marketing Inc.

You know about Instagram, you use Instagram, maybe you’ve even mastered Instagram—but are you making the most of IGTV? Find out why Instagram’s new video platform is a new must in your social media arsenal, and get the basics you need to start recording and uploading your own IGTV episodes right away. You’ll also learn what topics the Instagram audience wants to hear about, and a few great hacks for making the best IGTV videos you can.

Erica Johnson is the mom boss, CEO, and creative director of E-Partners Marketing Inc. She has developed campaigns, strategies, workshops, and tutorials on digital marketing and branding for CEOs and small businesses. She’s also taught a course in branding strategy.

3. Social Media Storytelling: How to Make Your Audience Fall in Love with Cierra Savatgy-King, Founder, Pigtail Media

Creating social media content that ignites an emotional connection to your brand is an art—and you can master it! Learn the small (and often easy) changes to your social media strategies and content that will build a more meaningful audience connection—leading to follower love and customer relationships that last. You’ll also see a few great real-world examples of brands that won hearts with their humor, individuality, authenticity, and honesty.

Cierra Savatgy-King has over 10 years of experience helping companies share the heart of their brand through social media storytelling. Her company, Pigtail Media, specializes in hospitality, travel, and wellness, with a focus on creating long-lasting relationships with audiences.

4. How to Leverage Social Media for PR with Ashley Graham, Brand Strategist & Publicity Expert, Your Brandista

Social media might have made PR management more complicated—but it’s also created opportunities like never before. Find out how to craft and understand your brand’s key messaging, so that you can ensure it is translated in its best form across every post, on every channel. You’ll learn how to manage and optimize your outreach efforts on social media, and get up to date on the best social media management tools that will help you build your influence and attract great publicity.

Ashley Graham is the founder and creative director of Brandesso, a modern-day branding and public relations agency that infuses brand influence through caffeinated strategies and communications. The Brandesso creative process is to filter the raw, unique details of a brand and incorporate a well-rounded methodology and strategy that brews each brand into an authoritative figure in influence.

** LIVE SESSION ** Presentation + Q & A: November 5 @ 10 am (Pacific)

Top Instagram Tips for Small Businesses with Jennifer Kolbuc, Social Media Consultant, Mountain Top Consulting

A great Instagram feed is an absolute must for small business—so this live session is an absolute must for you! Find out why this platform is essential, how you can harness user-generated content to boost your brand and lighten your workload, and what specific actions, responses and content will make sure you get the most from every post. Bring your questions for targeted advice for your specific business!

Jennifer Kolbuc has spent over 10 years working in social media and tourism with brands including Destination Canada, Fairmont, Vancouver Aquarium, and Vancouver Trails. Her consulting company, Mountain Top Consulting, works with small to medium size businesses to create engaging content. When she’s not tweeting or instagramming, you’ll find her hiking around Vancouver, BC.

Join us for this LIVE session! A recording will be available 24 hours after the live presentation is over.

** LIVE SESSION ** Presentation + Q & A: November 5 @ 1 pm (Pacific)

Social Media Now: What You Need to Know for 2020 with Brian Siddle director, community and content, for Strong Coffee Marketing

Social media is always changing—so your strategies have to stay up-to-date! In this LIVE panel discussion, you’ll find out what’s new for the year ahead, which strategies will give you the results you need, and how you can measure your efforts in ways that go beyond sales and bookings. Bring your questions, and get ready for some exclusive recommendations from Strong Coffee’s own real-world tests of the latest social media marketing methods.

Brian Siddle is director, community and content, for Strong Coffee Marketing. He has developed keynotes, workshops, and webinars on digital marketing for organizations such as DestinationBC, Tourism Yukon, Travel Alberta, PGA of Canada, Century 21, the GiantScreen Cinema Association, and Alberta Culture and Tourism. He has also taught digital marketing courses at Northern Lakes College and the University of Alberta.

Join us for this LIVE session! A recording will be available 24 hours after the live presentation is over.


1. Facebook Tips for Organic Growth with Milica Krstic, Social Media Consultant

Does it seem like the follower count on your Facebook page is maxing out, or just growing waaay tooo slooowly? Shake off that frustration and learn how to bring in followers the natural way: through great, personalized content. You’ll find out what kind of content draws the biggest audiences for your specific niche, and how you can boost engagement with your fans—to make sure you get seen by their friends! You’ll even learn a few bonus tricks for paid Facebook ads, so you can make the most of your spend when you want that extra lift.

Milica Krstic is psychologist and Social Media Consultant. A lifestyle blogger and digital influencer since 2015, she has collaborated with brands such as Coca Cola, Jord Watches, and Daniel Wellington, developing customized social media strategies to help brands create and leverage their online identity. Milica has a master in digital marketing and social media from the University of Sheffield.

2. How and Why You Should Use Facebook Groups with Pip Seymour, Search & Social Specialist, Seymour Digital Media

Ever find yourself wondering when you should invest your time in a Facebook page, and when you should set up a Facebook group instead? This session will lay out the differences between these two amazing marketing tools, so you can make a clear and informed choice between them. You’ll learn their different strengths and weaknesses, what Facebook groups are best suited to, when and how you should set one up, and what the most effective strategies are for managing your group once you have it.

Pip Seymour is a search and social marketing and communications specialist based near Victoria, BC. For 10 years, Pip has shaped brand architectures with advertising, SEO, and personalized, community-focused social media strategies. Before launching her own agency, Pip held marketing and sales management roles at ReachLocal, Syndicate, and Metro News.

3. How to Take Your Facebook Ads to Next-Level ROI with Hope Nothhelfer, Social Media Strategist

Facebook makes it quick and easy for anyone to post ads, but knowing about those few extra steps can make all the difference—so you’ll never waste a cent. In this valuable session, you’ll learn how to use the Audience Insights tool to identify the Facebook users who are most likely to want what you have to offer, and how to tweak your ads to attract specific custom audiences. You’ll also learn the trick to turning a viral post into your own super-engaging—and super effective—advertisement.

Hope Nothhelfer is a social media strategist, writer and world traveller. She has spent the past four years in marketing, advertising and PR, and now consults with businesses around the world to build, curate and grow online communities that deliver impact. She is a strong believer in breaking patterns and being weird enough to get awareness. She also teaches workshops on social media for small business owners.

4. LinkedIn Leadership: How to Build Your Online Authority with Jillian Bowen, Content and Social Media Strategist

If you’re not using LinkedIn—and using it well—you’re missing out on an incredible tool for building your personal and professional brand. Get a quick and painless tutorial for setting up and optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and learn the steps you need to take to build relationships, earn trust—and generally make people like you! You’ll come away with the ability to find the right people for your audience, win support from your followers, and let your own unique expertise shine online.

Jillian Bowen has over 15 years of experience developing and implementing content, social media and digital strategies, most recently for an international member association and now in her own business. As an on campus educator for the Left Bank in Melbourne, Australia, she also teaches the Diploma of Business (Digital Marketing) course as well as running her own Content and Social Media Roadmap course online.

5. Customer Experience 2020: Update Your Social Media Strategy with Are Morch, Hotel Marketing Coach

The human-to-human connection: this is the absolute most important factor that is shaping the modern customer experience today. Find out how to create and leverage a unique, personalized experience for your followers and customers on social media—without losing your mind from the workload. You’ll learn which experiences get noticed, which get shared, and, most importantly, how to take control of your customers’ attention to direct them to what’s positive.

Are Morch is a hotel marketing coach and a social media marketing expert who helps make every experience count while improving online visibility and revenue for fast-growing hotels. His high-value social media marketing services help hotel brands achieve rapid growth and dominant presence in the ever-changing digital landscape.

** LIVE SESSION ** Presentation + Q & A: November 6 @ 10am (Pacific)

Connect and Convert with Facebook Storytelling with Joshua Noonan and Enrika Greathouse, Founders, Small Gorilla

It’s one thing to inform your followers on social media, but it’s a whole different game when you learn to connect—and story is how you make that magic happen. Find out how to use storytelling to create a deep connection with your fans and customers, and how those same storytelling skills can help you turn that connection into leads and sales. You’ll also hear the best tips for uncovering the stories within your own brand, and weaving them into all your social media activity.

Joshua Noonan and Enrika Greathouse are the husband and wife founders of Small Gorilla, a creative marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs use the power of storytelling to increase their revenue and reach online. Their combined knowledge and expertise spans from leading the marketing teams at multimillion-dollar companies to consulting with notable brands such as Variety, Stitch-fix, Laura Bell Bundy, Rebuilding Together, and Princess Cruises. They live in Los Angeles, where they love to hang out with friends and family.

Join us for this LIVE session! A recording will be available 24 hours after the live presentation is over.

** LIVE SESSION ** Presentation + Q & A: November 6 @ 1pm (Pacific)

Trolls & A-Holes: How to Navigate Online Hate with Blair Kaplan Venables, President of Blair Kaplan Communications

In this timely LIVE session, join Blair Kaplan Venables as she lays out the best approaches for successfully navigating the darker sides of social media, while preserving your brand, your dignity, and your own mental health. You’ll learn how to recognize the various types of online users who post negative comments; identify whether the commenter is a hater, a random troll, or a customer expressing important valid criticism; and get strategies for responding professionally and effectively with each type of feedback. Bring your unique questions and your personal experiences for this real-time Q&A opportunity!

Blair Kaplan Venables is president of Blair Kaplan Communications, director of business development and marketing for Alpine Riding, and sits on the board of directors for the Pemberton Chamber of Commerce. She is also a national speaker, is working on her first book, and recently launched the I Am Resilient Project.

Join us for this LIVE session! A recording will be available 24 hours after the live presentation is over.

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