Elevate March 2020

A Free Online Marketing Conference for Small Businesses, March 10 & 11

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Elevate is returning once again, with tons of new events and exciting news! The theme this season is all about content marketing: how to create it, curate it, and collaborate on it for exponential results.

And we have an amazing announcement!

For 2020, Elevate is totally free from March 10 right through until 9am PT on March 12! That’s right: absolutely free access to all the sessions, live workshops and discussion panels.

Also New in 2020:

  • More bonus tools, templates and checklists to help you create your own content with ease!
  • New speakers, sessions, live workshops and panel discussions on the latest content marketing trends and strategies
  • A special ultra-intensive approach to the summit theme, with separate, tightly focused streams on each of the key “Three Cs” of content marketing

Plus the same amazing benefit you always get with every edition of this vibrant virtual marketing conference: participate where you like, when you like, how you like—with no travel costs or hassles.

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Spring 2020: Content Marketing

Small businesses of all stripes are embracing this marketing strategy to draw in new fans, develop closer relationships with existing customers, position themselves as experts, and drastically increase brand awareness.

Whether you’re a maker, a retailer, a consultant, a guide, or a coach, you know your stuff, and you know things that other people want to know, too. By creating your own consistent, engaging and educational content, you can:

  • Bring in new leads and prospects, cost effectively
  • Build brand awareness across multiple platforms, and in the real world!
  • Increase trust and relationships with existing and future customers
  • Improve how you show up in Google searches with better search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Set yourself apart from your competition—you are the expert!
  • Keep your customers engaged through your entire sales funnel—from discovery to purchase
  • Fill your social media feeds with interesting, fresh and personalized content

No more banging your head on the wall, grasping for new ideas. No more tumbleweeds drifting across your social media feeds. No more feeling anxious about your marketing efforts!

Elevate Marketing Summit will equip you with all the tools and strategies you need to plan and create a never-ending bounty of fresh, relevant and personalized content to post and share.




SESSION #1: Video Marketing: Attract Your Ideal Clients With Ease.

Learn everything you need to know to get started producing your very own video content with Anthony Madani

SESSION #2: The 3 Content Marketing Mistakes You MUST Avoid.

Get the low-down on the hidden content marketing tricks that work—and the ones that don’t—so you can get the edge on your competitors with Jillian Bowen

SESSION #3: The Dos and Don’ts of Successful Podcasting.

Get up to date on the top “dos and don’ts” for creating a podcast that promotes your brand and builds great relationships with your customers with Isabelle Jacques

SESSION #4: A Complete Guide to Visual Branding.

Learn how to level up your photo game so you can always show your brand at its best with Brandilyn Davidson

SESSION #5: Do Good, with Stories: Designing Brand Movements That Change the World.

Find out how to tell authentic, meaningful brand stories—and maybe change the world while you’re doing it with Denise Withers, Story Design

SESSION #6: A Simple Email Marketing Strategy to Boost Sign-Ups & Sales.

Master the hot new colour strategy that is changing the game for email-based content marketing with Marie Hunter




*****LIVE presentation March 10 at 10am (PT)*****

Get LIVE advice on finding the truth of your unique brand so you can align your content, your culture and your customer experience.


*****LIVE Presentation March 10 at 2pm (PT)*****

Get live and interactive tips for creating a great content plan—and for putting it into action in the most effective way possible.


*****LIVE Panel Discussion March 10 at 5pm (PT)*****

Join our top content marketing experts for a lively, fascinating conversation on the future of content marketing.




SESSION #1: Here to Eternity: How to Give Your Content Everlasting Life.

Learn how to repurpose your content to save time and win new audience with Jennifer Kolbuc

SESSION #2: How to Work with Influencers.

Find out how to create and manage relationships with influencers to reap in fresh content while powering up your business with Ashley Graham

SESSION #3: Dare to Be Seen: Create a Brand Voice That Stands Tall—and Stands Out.

Learn how to discover and nurture your unique brand voice to stand out and attract your best customers with Jess Drury

SESSION #4: User Generated Content: 5 Ways to Collect Great Content from Your Fans.

Find out why you need to be collecting user generated content, and get great tips on how to do it right with Blair Kaplan Venables

SESSION #5: Guest Blog, Best Blog: Collaborate with Other Brands to Double Your Impact.

Learn how to borrow and lend content in guest-blogging partnerships to reduce your work and multiply your impact with Cierra Savatgy-King


*****Live Interview March 11 at 10am*****

Learn how to find the best people—and how to hire them right—in this crucial bonus LIVE session.


*****Live Interview March 11 at 2pm (PT)*****

Master the complete science of digital content distribution so that all your content marketing get seen, and gets result


March 10 & 11: Content Marketing

"I signed up because Elevate is such a great resource to learn about what’s working in social media from experts—all in one place and without the need to travel to a conference. There are so many great tips and strategies here that I can’t wait to implement!"

- Alicia Michelle, life coach at Vibrant Christian Living, Elevate Fall 2019 Attendee

"With the multitude of virtual and in-person events, it’s important to me the event creator is passionate about providing value and the speakers are experts in their respective fields. Marie hit the mark with both of these! She is passionate and dedicated to ensuring her audience gets exceptional value and she has put together an all-star lineup for this summit!"

- Claudia Cometa, Owner and CEO at Peace Advocacy Group, Elevate Fall 2019 Attendee

What's New For Elevate March 2020

  • Free access to all the recorded and live sessions until March 12th (48 hours)
  • Focus will be on three key areas of content marketing:
    • Creating content that’s valuable and relevant to help you reach new customers in a cost effective way
    • Curate existing content to save you time and money
    • Collaborate with other businesses and influencers to share content that reaches new audiences
  • New speakers, sessions, live workshops, and panel discussions on the latest content marketing trends and strategies
  • Upgrades will be available for 6-month access to videos and recordings for one low price of $79 USD
  • More templates and checklists to help you create content with ease

"Social media can be a big stress, especially for a small business owner. But I also understand how important it is. By attending Elevate, I'm looking forward to gaining a ton of inspiration and social media tips from a variety of experts in their field and applying these tips to my business"

- Sabine Margolis, Holistic Health, Elevate Fall 2019 Attendee

"We're having some issues getting more media coverage this year, including with influencers, so the live panel on influencer marketing was very timely and I plan to take some of these things to my supervisor and have a chat about it. I appreciate Brian Siddle's tip on creating audiograms with Headliner, which is easy to use and effective."

- Lilian Sue, Copywriter, Social Media Strategist, Publicist, In Retrospect Writing Services, Elevate Spring 2019 Attendee

Who Should Attend Elevate Marketing Summit

Do you own, manage or help promote a small business (or want to some day)? Do you need to reach more customers? Do you want to take charge of your brand and reputation? Then—yes!—you should attend. Taking part in Elevate Marketing Summit will help you:

  • Reach more customers in a cost effective way
  • Learn consistent strategies that allow you to take control of your marketing
  • Diversify and expand your content on a small budget
  • Better understand how content marketing can support your business goals
  • Develop a strategy for content creation, execution and delivery

Why You Need to Attend This March

You Need a Content Marketing Strategy—and You Need It Now!

Did you know…

  • Content marketing brings in 3X more leads than paid search advertising (Content Marketing Institute, 2017)
  • Almost HALF of buyers viewed 3 to 5 pieces of content before engaging with a company’s sales rep (Demand Gen Report, 2016)
  • Google is responsible for 94% of total organic traffic (Web Presence Solutions, 2017)
  • 47% of internet users globally now use an ad blocker—meaning businesses need to find new ways to get seen (Digital Information World, 2019)

Content marketing is NOT advertising: it is creating informative, desirable information that people want to consume. It is helping your customer solve a problem, ease an anxiety, learn something they want to know, and become better equipped to do the things they want to do. In return, your customer puts trust in you, promotes you to their friends, and turns to you when they’re ready to take action.

The Elevate community is growing, and now includes attendees from a wide range of small businesses and specializations. What connects this community of passionate business owners is a deep belief in the value of what we make and do—and the drive to always be seeking the audiences who will recognize that value.

Join us for March 2020, and learn how to build a streamlined content marketing strategy that works.

"I heard such great things about it I had to sign up!"

- Melissa Edwards, freelance writer and editor, Elevate Spring 2019 Attendee

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next summit?
Elevate Marketing Summit takes place twice a year, in fall and spring. The next conference is happening March 10 & 11.
Do I need to travel or book time off?
Absolutely not. Elevate is a unique virtual conference, happening entirely online. You can watch the presentations from anywhere you like—your office, your home, hotspotting outside—and on your own schedule. There is a mix between pre-recorded and live sessions that will be streamed on a schedule, but can be watched at any time until March 12 at 9am (Pacific).
When does registration begin for this conference?
Registration for Elevate Spring 2020 officially open. Sign up and attend for free!
Once registered, how do I access the presentations?
Simply login with your user name and password at www.elevatemarketingsummit.com, and click on the presentation you’d like to watch. Presentations and the schedule for spring 2020 will be announced soon.
How do I become a sponsor?
Partnering with Elevate Marketing Summit as a sponsor is an excellent way to connect with small businesses and get brand exposure. Simply get in touch to find out more. Contact Marie at [email protected]
How do I become a speaker?
Do you have social media or digital marketing knowledge that can help elevate small businesses? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Marie at [email protected]
Who is behind this summit?
I’m Marie, a digital marketing specialist who helps small businesses generate more leads and sales in less time. I created Elevate Marketing Summit in 2018 to help other passionate business owners and marketers connect, learn, and grow with the latest marketing strategies. You can find out more about me at Hunter-Digital.com, or just get in touch with any questions or feedback!
How long do I have access to this summit?
You have access to all presentations, for free, until Mach 12th (48 hours total). If you'd like watch and rewatch presentations, you can upgrade to an all-access pass that gives you access to this content until September 2020.
What if I miss a live session?
Pre-recorded sessions are available to watch anytime after they are released (view schedule to see when each talk is available). Live panel discussions and workshops are recorded and available 48 hours after they air. If you'd like to watch or rewatch these recordings, you'll have to upgrade to an all-access pass that gives you access this content for six months.
Who can I contact for more info or to resolve a problem with my account?
If you have questions or tech issues, contact us via email at [email protected] We're happy to help!
Are refunds for the all-access pass available if I am not happy with the summit?
We're confident that you'll walk away with a ton of tips, tools and strategies that you can apply to your business immediately. For peace of mind we do include a 30-day money-back guarantee. If we didn't meet your expectations, we'll give you a full refund as long as it's within the 30 days after you purchase your all-access pass.